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Train with Johnny Stephene, NBA skills coach to elite athletes like Chris Paul, DeMar DeRozan, Coby White, and more.
Reach the next level and maximize your potential on the court while building fundamental ball handling skills, conditioning, and drills that will equip you to be an elite, sought out athlete.

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Meet Your Trainer, Johnny "DRIBBLE2MUCH" Stephene

Handle Life was created through my passion for the game and my own desire to get better. Basketball is my life and has been since a young age. The way I approached basketball and the way I handle the ball, has opened many doors and created so many opportunities for me as an individual and as an athlete.

Growing up, I was known for my elite ball handling skills, never failing to put work in every day on the court. I started training and guiding athletes in effective drills and saw a growing amount of athletes emulating my drills and really developing and evolving as athletes. That was very rewarding for me, and motivated me to create HandleLife training.